a quickie in the hotel

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David pulled up alongside st James’s park in the small micra with his friend’s john and Colin.David was waiting for Lisa.Lisa and David had arranged to meet each other at the football ground of the local football team.

Lisa and David had met when David worked in a call center, she had rang up as she wanted to use her mobile phone abroad and David was helping her with her query, which resulted in Lisa sending him a postcard as a thank you.After several months of texting, chatting and flirting, they agreed to meet and she travelled up from London.

David already knew what she looked like from the photograph she had sent, and he wasn’t disappointed.As Lisa approached the car, David got out and greeted her.

“I have a room at the Menzies hotel.Would you mind if we went there first just so I can drop my stuff off and get changed”

“No not at all” David replied.

John then joined Colin in the backseat offering the front seat for Lisa.Lisa then got into the passenger seat and they headed off towards the hotel.

When they arrived David offered to give Lisa a hand to her room with the luggage.They both got out of the car and approached the front desk.Lisa checked in with the receptionist and was given the key with the room number.They both left the reception desk and headed to the room.

The room was quite small, it had a double bed with light patterned linen, a television, a small closet and an en-suite bathroom with a shower.Lisa turned round to David and asked for a hand unpacking, and to place her clothes and outfits on the bed as she left for the bathroom.

A few moments later and she materialized wearing nothing more than a black bra with a red lace trim and a small black g-string, which was barely enough to cover her delicately trimmed pubic hair.She looked over to David who had his back to her, and had only one thing on her mind.COCK.She was craving his and had to have it.She could feel the moistness in her pussy and acted on the urge.

She walked over to David and turned him round.As David turned his jaw nearly hit the ground.She moved her unpacked clothes off the bad and looked at David and said “trousers and boxers off and lie on the bed.”

David did this with in an instant; his cock was already semi erect as Lisa climbed onto the bed like a wild animal stalking its prey.David shimmied up the bed and positioned the pillows for his back so he could sit up and watch.Lisa then moved in between his legs and with a soft grip she held the bottom of his now erect cock and moved her head forward then took the tip of his throbbing cock in her warm moist mouth.David watched in pleasure as she moved her head up and down, taking his cock deeper each time.

Lisa moved her head away and started to tease the end of David’s cock with her tongue.David threw his head back in pleasure. Lisa then broke the silence “you’re not going to have sex now, so you might as well cum.”David relaxed his whole body and let Lisa get on with the job in hand.Lisa dropped her head down again and started to rub her hands up and down his hard pulsating shaft.David let out an almighty moan, and with that he shot his hot cum deep down her throat.She didn’t stop straight away, she carried on sucking.The pleasure was too intense for David and he had to beg her to stop. She pulled back and sat up, she wiped her mouth and said I need to get changed now and headed back to the bathroom.

David rested back down on the bed again, feeling rather selfish but thought fuck it.She was happy to give it and said there would be no sex.

Lisa stepped out of the bathroom wearing a light fitted silver, backless top, a denim mini skirt with dark pantyhose underneath topped off with a pair of strappy high heels.She looked at David and said “aren’t you going to get dressed?” David had lost track of time and had not even put his trousers back on which he did frantically.Lisa then said “well what do you think, will this be alright for tonight?”And in David’s broadest Geordie accent said “whey aii pet, that’s champion that like.” Lisa could barely understand what he had just said but smiled back taking it as a compliment.

During the car ride to the town where David lived.“David, Lisa, john and Colin were all discussing the plan for that night, Colin was going to get changed at johns and they and they are set to meet up at the local social club.For a few drinks and maybe go to the city from there.

All night the dancing continued for David and Lisa.Lisa would make sure her crotch was rubbing against David upper thighs, whilst David pulled her closer by her hips.Their eyes were both looking down in concentration.There hot foreheads were sweating with passion as they slowly and softly came together, then came the kiss.The intense heat of the kiss rifled through their bodies.Their legs were interlocked with each others, their body movements appeared to stop with time.The passion and lust was clear for all
too see.

The look in both their eyes suggested taxi.They left the bar hand in hand, in the taxi ride back to the hotel they sat quiet as they both mutually didn’t want anything to happen in front of the taxi driver.

As they entered the room David wrapped his arms around her waist, whilst she wrapped her arms around his neck and there lust exploded as he slipped a hand up her mini skirt and started stroking her pussy.She took her arms away and undid her top, as her top came loose.David realized for the first time she wasn’t wearing a bra.Before he was able to grope her chest she took his shirt off over his head.Then undid his jeans and belt.Once off David then undid her mini skirt and pulled it down her legs followed by her pantyhose.He stood back up and they started to kiss immediately.David co-erced Lisa onto the bed and laid her on her back, then started to go down on her.

He buried his head into her crotch and gently started to lick and nibble gently on her pussy then started to softly suck on her clit.He placed his arms underneath her bent knees and she grabbed his hands, interlocking her fingers with his.Her hips rocked with passion, she squeezed hold of his hands as her orgasm intensified.With the aid of a hot wet flickering tongue, she was brought up to the point of an intense orgasm.she let out a breathless beg of “please don’t stop, I’m Cumming” as David carried on the same motion Lisa bit her bottom lip and let out a muffled scream of pleasure as she released her orgasm.David could taste her tantalizing juices and lapped it up with endless pleasure.

Her body shivered with each continuous lick, she managed to grab enough oxygen to say “stop, stop!” David moved his head up and sat back on his knees.

Lisa motioned a signal with her index finger in front of her head and told David to come up here.David slowly crawled up her body positioning himself in a missionary stance over her satisfied body.Lisa wrapped her arms around the back of David’s neck and pulled him closer.She gently kissed him and enjoyed the taste of her juices on his lips.

Once again their eyes locked, it felt like time had stopped still.There was no need for words as David slid his throbbing member into her hot wet chavice.Her face showed delight as he pushed every inch of his throbbing cock deeper and deeper.He rocked his hips slowly while locking his arms out to support his upper body.The slow gentle thrust soon turned into hard pounding.He felt his cockpush up against her pubic bone and then started to get faster.His sweat started to drip from him as the pounding continued.The feeling of his thrusts and the pounding of his balls brought Lisa to new heights of pleasure.She sinked her teeth into her fleshy bottom lip.

David knew she was close and could feel the muscled in her pussy clamping around his cock.She now longed to feel his hot cum shoot inside of her and held off her orgasm.David started to pant harder his face change and in the next thrust he unleashed his cum into her velvet pussy.As soon as the hot cum entered her it was the catalyst for her second orgasm.Her pussy clamped around his cock and she came for a second time.David withdrew his wet sopping cock and kissed her on the cheek and made his way to the bathroom.

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